Post From May15: 

Those who know me will know that in November I was selected as a pilot for the Arion1 project being led by the University of Liverpool.

In September we’ll be travelling to Battle Mountain, Nevada to attempt to break the human powered land speed record. The record currently stands at 83.13mph and was set in 2013 by a Dutch University. It’s going to be terrifyingly awesome! If I end up as the first Briton to hold the world record, I’ll buy you all a beer.

The team post lots of updates on the bike build and how the project is going on their facebook and twitter and it’s really cool to see the bike coming together. I’m looking forward to spinning up the 104 tooth chain ring! You can even buy a cool t-shirt off there if you want to support the project with your hard earned cash.

The team and their sponsors have been kind enough to sort the riders out with a recumbent bike to train on, which makes us officially ‘Bent Riders’. It’s a thing, check it out. Inevitably this means racing a recumbent bike, which happened in April over at Hillingdon cycle circuit.

My good friend, Pete Ganderton showed off his videography skills and really captured the atmosphere of the event. He also captured evidence that I’m completely rubbish at getting off the start line, thanks Pete. You DEFINITELY need to watch this video, it’s incredible.

I’ll keep the updates coming from my side, but race season is well under way. I’m now riding for Spokes of Bagshot over in… wait for it… Bagshot, Surrey. James Thompson at the shop has been awesome and supports the team like an absolute champion. You should all go and buy lots of shiny things from his cool shop, please. Big thank you goes out to James and also Olly, the most handsome mechanic you’ll ever meet.

Keep an eye out for the other Spokes Race Team members; David Kirk, Mikey Mottram and Matt Cooper. We’re a small team but all look fantastic in Lycra so check out our Bios on the Spokes website.

Stay tuned for more regular blogs and lots of pictures of me pulling a face on my bike.