Posted on Aug 17th

I’d like to welcome a new sponsor to the Arion1 project. Body Type Nutrition

I spoke with Ben Coomber, the founder of Body type nutrition at this year’s body power expo. Amongst all the biceps and tan lines we managed to have a quick chat about how important nutrition was to the Arion1 project. Since then, with one of Ben’s team of nutrition coaches, Chris Emmett, we’ve put a plan together to make sure i’m eating for performance over the next month… rather than the 6-days-salad-1-day-Ben’n’Jerrys diet that I was previously following!

Chris has gone into amazing detail with me, literally gram by gram, and it feels like we’re really taking things to the next level. I’ve never done this with nutrition before and I’m already feeling stronger and more recovered. I don’t even miss the Ben ‘n’ Jerrys! (that might be a lie)

Big thanks to Ben Coomber and Chris at body type nutrition. If you’re well into your sport you should check these guys out because nutrition is so important for performance.

Building Up Speed

This weekend was spent at Bruntingthorpe aerodrome testing the Arion1 at speed for the first time down a 2 mile long straight runway. Me, Dave and Natasha all had a crack down the runway and are excited to get back there on Tuesday to start running through the gears!

It’s pretty nerve wracking riding with the lid on and looking through the camera system. Between me and Dave we definitely found all of the potholes and have a punctured tire to prove it!

We got the bike up to 40mph without breaking a sweat so there’s big things to come over the next few weeks.