Originally Posted 15sep15

After arrival at Battle Mountain we quickly settled in and adjusted to the altitude, dry air and being in the middle of knowhere.

Being a bit behind where we wanted to be in road testing over the last few months we found a quiet road to put the Arion1 through its paces. Thanks to the friendly local traffic and hard work of the team we got some solid runs down and left the road feeling really confident in the bike.

We had a quick trip to see the road where the records are set. It’s truly spectacular and we now understand why everybody comes here to race. 

Next on the agenda was the first meeting to be held by the race organisers. They laid down the law and made sure everybody can race safely. We then drew names out of a hat to decide the start order and I pulled the very first heat of the morning. 

We were up at 5am to get to the course for our start time of 7:22am and the nerves were high. 

I warmed up full of nerves… But looking resplendent in my Spokes of Bagshot team kit! Thanks to James and the guys at Spokes for the support. I look forward to seeing you later in the week.

Team Delft, the current record holders from the Netherlands were off first with their female rider. Unfortunately she had a bad start and fell right in front of me. Her two minutes were up so we pushed off to be the first team down the course. Delft ended up having some more bad luck and a couple of crashes further down the course because of cross winds. Hopefully they can repair the damage and keep racing.

I just wanted to make it down the course in one piece so pushed on as much as I could without catching too many wobbles. The data overlay on our camera visual system wasn’t working so I was riding with the aim of hitting 60mph but had to guess. There are large mile marker signs down the course so I knew where I was and hit the 200m traps nice and controlled. 

There were big cheers when I was caught safely by the catch team as the event is now officially underway! 


I recorded a modest 58.7mph over the 2.5mile course on the first run and hoped to push on to higher speeds. We were due to race the full 5 mile course later that day but unfortunately the wind and rain were too much for us to run. 

I’m now sitting here at breakfast getting ready for this evenings first attempt over 5 miles. I’ve just tipped over my cereal bowl… So hopefully that’s the only thing I’m going to tip over today!

Here’s another quick video of the last few days