Being more gravitationally challenged than your average cyclist, I have to go the extra mile to keep my weight in check. 

This is especially hard over Christmas when sweetie tins are a plenty and mulled wine is around every corner. The Telegraph reported about "Booze Black Friday" today when apparently the whole of Britain goes out to get trollied.

So, my hot tip of the day to keep your calories under control without being a total scrooge over Christmas is to try not to drink your calories. Swapping calorie heavy drinks like wine and beer for spirits with diet mixers will save you some hard earned calories. This is the total opposite of one of the Telegraphs recommendations... but who do you trust? :) 

If you have 5 nights out over Christmas and New Year and drink 6 pints of Stella each time thats a huge 7,680 calories. It would take most people around 10 hours of hard exercise to burn off that much energy. However, if you swap the Stella for a Gin & Slimline Tonic and drink the same number of drinks then your total calorie intake would be only 1,800 calories. So at the same rate of exercise this would take less than 2.5hours to burn off... much better than 10!

Of course, it would involve far less exercise if you just drunk Soda & Lime... now you see why Jim Royle looks like he does!


p.s. Don't Drink and Cycle!