...But will it be broken again? 

A resurgence in interest in this event means that a record which looked unbeatable for 77 years has just been broken and could be smashed two more times in the next year!

Britains Steve Abraham and New Zealand's Bruce Berkeley are both now underway in their challenges.

Follow their progress on Strava. It's quite incredible to watch someone clock up over 200 miles of cycling per day. 

It was interesting to note that Kurt Searvogel used multiple different bikes in his challenge, including an unfaired recumbent touring bike. 

Standard bicycles and unfaired recumbents are treated on an equal basis for this record according to the ultra marathon cycling association published rules. 

It is well known that racing recumbents, even unfaired ones are significantly faster than a traditional road bike and even a UCI legal time trial bike (and position). 

It's a far lesser known fact that Chris Boardman's best human hour effort of 35.03 miles set in 1996 has been beaten twice by a french rider, Aurelien Bonneteau in 2012 and 2014. In one hour he has ridden 35.229 miles on an indoor velodrome using an custom built unfaired recumbent. 

So maybe these new contenders for the record could take a leaf out of searvogel and bonneteau's book and take advantage of the better aerodynamics of a recumbent bicycle.