Everyone loves a coffee stop during a long ride. But as Dr Garry Palmer points out, there are a whole host of reasons that you should avoid them and keep riding. Not least of which the outrageous price of a slice of cake from a garden centre!

With a 30 minute stop your day becomes two bike rides, not one. The first ride is without a cool down and usually ends with a race at the first sniff of cake! The second has no warm up. I'm sure most people would agree that not cooling down or warming up is bad practice and to be avoided. So why do we do it? 

This is a great article, worth a read. Rounded off with a great question, are your 70 odd hard miles on a Sunday a social affair or are they for training? Do you ever notice the strongest riders in the group carry on without stopping? All the time. 


Ps. Not being grumpy, just being real!