A really interesting point raised by Road.cc here asking questions about the role of Strava in the war against dopers. 

Dopers get every punishment they deserve, but do they deserve to be banned from a friendly bit of amateur cycling on a social media website? Where should the punishment stop? Are they allowed to ride their bikes to the shops any more?

Of course i'm anti-doping and hate the fact that the clients I work with who train incredibly hard may one day have a race result taken away from them by a doper. But this does raise the question of the role that Strava is now playing in cycling. Do they need to be more ethically aware and begin to address these issues?

I totally understand why people feel angry about this and why they're getting on strava to take matters into their own hands and do something about it. Perhaps they feel too powerless and too seperate from the UCI. Are Strava one step away from becoming the people's UCI?

If they did become active in anti-doping i'm sure this would pull all of the professional cyclists away from Strava and stop them sharing their data, just in case they were accused. Nobody wants to see that as it's all just a bit of fun, right?