Today Eden Veranda Racing, a small UK based amateur cycling team received this email:

> Date: Sun, 12 Jun 2016 16:22:18 +0200 

> To:

> From:

> Subject: RE: Possible Assistance For Eden Veranda Racing 

> Gentile Alison, 

> We are a small Italian company that make motor for bicycles. 

> For six years past we make many successful custom motor that win many race for professional riders, now we can make 'off of shelf' motors that are more economical.

> Our main concern is rider safety. Here, in Italy as in Belgium, too many competitor have become sick from the program of preparation they believe they must follow. We aspire to provide the alternative to keep the body more healthy. If you have riders in your team you have concern for to make the wrong choice and take medication for the race preparation, please pass our company information on. We prefer that they know about motor assistance more than drug assistance. 

> We will not co-divide these details with any other person or group, our service is discrete. 

> Thank you for your time to read, we will not contact your team again. Again, we sell enough motor here in Italy, we prefer only to hear from international people we can stop from making the bad choose. 

> Ciao 

> Roberto Bassi 


...I'm outraged, furious and angry!! Since when has a countries institutionalised doping problem had it's own sales and marketing function??

What chance do young amateurs stand when temptation is being thrust in their faces like this. 

Do these idiots really believe that we'll buy a motor and cheat because it's the healthy option?

These people must be stopped, shut down and removed from the internet. 

If anybody knows the appropriate person to raise this with then please let me know and i'll be making a phone call.

For now i'll be writing a letter to the UCI and British Cycling to tell them that the grass roots of their sport is being polluted by money grabbing cheats.