No Longer the poor cousin of advertising, using a sports team to win new business and promote your brand could give you a much better return on your marketing budget than just paying for advertising or boosting posts on social media.

For the 2017 season management and sponsorship of the Eden Verandas Race Team is changing. A change of personnel within the team means there is now an opportunity to take over title sponsorship of the team and work with us very closely.

Between them, the team has a huge social network. By partnering with us you can gain access to this network, direct the content produced by the team and build databases of new clients in the process. Expect much higher levels of engagement with your social activities when there is a personal connection with the people involved. So not only can you use your budget to hit your business development targets but there are a whole range of added benefits you can't get anywhere else:

 - Develop youth talent and have a hand in producing possible future Olympians.

- Support local communities and gain positive sentiment towards your brand.

- Provide unique hosting and VIP client experiences with full time cyclists, a land speed record holder and young future talent.

If you're interested in discussing the possibility of partnering with our team please email me at

Have a great day! Ken