Week 2 of testing the Arion2 ahead of this year's land speed record attempt has been a humbling experience. 

It may appear from all the socials that i'm  ''living the dream'' and loving life as a full time athlete. But it's not all sunshine and rainbows kids. 

Having not ridden a recumbent camera bike for over a year, I was starting from scratch. It's hard to put into words how difficult these bikes are to ride and keep upright, let alone sprint towards 75mph. I often liken it to sprinting on a regular bike but with both hands in the air and two bags of shopping dangling off your handlebars. It's well hard. 

I've spent a lot of time this week feeling very sheepish, being picked up off the floor by a group of engineers who've just spent two years pouring their lives into building the bike i've just crashed. 

But to quote Sly Stallone again, it's not about how hard you hit but it's about how hard you get hit and keep moving forwards. After dozens of hours practice we're now confident launching the bike (within the 15 metre push rule) and i'm picking up speed every single run. 

We only have half a mile to play with so i'm hitting 40mph and then having to slam the brakes on. Otherwise it becomes a game of ten pin bowling with the poor engineers that are trying to catch the bike as it stops. 

Our testing location is more than a 3 hour drive away from my house and doesn't have any 'facilities'. This means i've paid a few visits to nearby bushes to practice my deep squats this week... Tell me if this is too much information!

To get the most of our testing time i've also slept in the back of my car. It seemed the lesser of two evils having seen the state of everybody peeling themselves out of their tents in the mornings. It was actually quite comfortable and I genuinely considered moving in at one point to save me some money on rent!

Needless to say, the odour coming from woodford aerodrome this week has been quite 'unusual'. 

Apologies for my over sharing, but i'd like people to see what goes into these attempts with the instagram filter taken off! Peace out,