In 2007 I had the dream of making it to an Olympics dangled in front of my face. ''Start Rowing''' they said, ''it'll be fun'' they said. Well actually it was fun, and what they actually said was ''ideally we'd like you to be 5cm taller''. After 3 years of sleeping in grow bags and shooting for that extra 5cm, I stopped rowing. My back couldn't hack it and it became too painful to complete the training. I have no regrets as that's what led me to cycling. Becoming an athlete was the best decision I ever made. 

I'm lucky enough now to be friends with lots of athletes who's bodies didn't fall to pieces and who did make it to London and to Rio. 

I've been so inspired by all of my friends who's journey's I've followed, who i've watched work hard and follow their dreams of making it to an Olympics. 

Some of them came back with hardware, some didn't. But they all have amazing stories and all deserve success! 

The one thing they all have in common is they never give up. They know that dedication over years, not weeks is the secret.

I'll be thinking of you all when I head off to represent team GB in my own way. I can't bring back a medal but I might get a new British record and an 80mph hat!