Things have picked up since the sombre words of my last blog. This week is turning out to be a carbon copy of last year's event where we were battling the elements and teething problems with the bike but it started to get better towards the end of the week. 

I've now been down the 5 mile course twice, reaching 71.2mph and 74.9mph. This was in the same day so I passed on the opportunity to run this morning in favour of getting some much needed sleep! 

We're not quite at last year's British record speed yet but we're tantalisingly close, 0.13mph infact! Having reviewed the power data it looks like I left my legs in the Big Chief Motel for the evening runs and wasn't firing on all cylinders. We now have three more evening runs to squeeze out a big effort and push that record up as far as possible. 

Shooting for a new British Record is one thing, but the world record has just been pushed up to an astonishing 88.2mph by Todd Reichert of team Aerovelo. Now i'm sure we can go faster, but finding another 13mph without any significant changes to the bike might be a step too far. 

One could walk away defeated at this point and i'm sure many teams will think twice now about even attempting the men's record. Todd has put it on the shelf as they say. 

But that's not what us Brits are all about. We can only focus on our own performance and control what we can control. We'll walk away happy if we know we've given it 100% and gone as fast as we could possibly go. We're not quite there yet so expect to see more antics from the Liverpooligans over the next few days. 

The question for the coming year's is how do you break an unbreakable record? Well it isn't going to happen quickly. The Aerovelo team first arrived at this event in 2009, so they've been through 7 years of hard graft to get to this point. 4 iterations of bikes and hundreds of hours of testing, not to mention Todd having been down the 305 at battle mountain more times than i care to mention. 

So if you want that record badly enough, don't ever give up. Throw everything you have at it for a very long time, keep making those baby steps and progressing forwards. It's the same with any other goal in any other walk of life. Persistence and determination over time will prevail.  Aerovelo's achievement is incredible, but they're only human and one day that record will be broken (probably by themselves later this week!).