Things are getting better and better! Yesterday I rode the course twice again. Once in the sub 5 degree temperatures of the morning to test the bike and then later in almost perfect evening conditions.

We had found the part inside the bike which caused us issues yesterday, the front fairing skirt, and just removed it. This meant there was no scraping, rubbing or burning smells from inside the bike... hoorah!

The bike felt great during the morning run but my legs did not, so I held back a little and came through the traps at 72mph. It's getting strangely comfortable riding a bike at 70mph+ 

My legs turned up for the evening runs so I was able to give it a bit more of a shove. Nothing like the power that i've been able to push in training, but it's getting closer. I've uploaded the activity to Strava if you'd like to have a look:

I hadn't set the speed sensor to 650c wheels so the speed shown is not accurate. 

Yasmin also had a great run, upping her British Record to 71.05mph. This makes her the second fastest woman ever and puts her within striking distance of the world record. She's really put the hours in during training and has followed her BPC training plan to the letter. She is a great athlete and has amazing determination when she is going for it. She can definitely go quicker. The GB rowing team better watch out when she comes back as she's fitter than she's ever been! Go Yaz Go!

As last night was so successful we decided to scratch the morning runs in favour of some sleep. The engineering team have been working tirelessly on the bike, buffing, sanding and tinkering away the entire time. Their dedication to making this bike as fast as it possibly can be is impressive! Even the supervisors, Steve and John were glad of a rest. 

Big shout out to Mike the photographer and Kieran who managed to learn a whole new coding language in 2 days so that we have power data showing on top of the camera visual system inside the bike. This made a huge difference during the runs and meant that us riders new exactly how hard we were pushing without having to look away from the screen. 

Also, my girlfriend, Ali, has been here for the last couple of days looking after me which has been awesome! She's been ferrying me around, making sure i'm eating right and making sure i'm well rested for the runs. She's a legend... especially for dealing with me being a troll first thing in the morning!

One last shout out to all the sponsors! I know it's a cliche, but without them we wouldn't be here. It's a student project and it's run entirely from sponsorship that the student team raise themselves. So without the financial support of the likes of Rathbones Plc, we wouldn't be able to afford to build the bike and send a whole team of people to America to race it. For that we're eternally grateful! We also get amazing support from Spokes of Bagshot who donated countless parts for the bike out of their own pockets. They're an incredible bike shop and i'm proud to be an ambassador! 

There are lots of other sponsors... including BPC :) ... who have been generous and made this project a reality. Thank you all!

We have one more attempt this evening to really push the limits and see what the Arion2 is capable of.

Wish us luck!